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Mori Sushi – A Gem Polishing Its Michelin Star

(Play the music to enjoy your Mori Sushi journey while reading!)
LA is no doubt a sushi paradise. There is a wide variety of places ranging from those offering a more “Americanized” menu to those that are more traditional […]

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Pen to Paper – Voila, A Cookbook?

My friend, Debbie, has over 100 cookbooks.  I can’t even begin to imagine how she knows what is in them all much less the one or two favorite recipes in each one.  Writing a cookbook sounds relatively easy– just get […]

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Is It “Chili” In Here?

We have had a cold and rainy winter in Los Angeles and Spring has started out to be more of the same.  Given the snowy winter the rest of the country has endured I have nothing to complain about.  However, […]

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Wipe That Barbeque Smile Off Your Face!

If you were born in the South, like I was, the first word you spoke after “momma” and “dada” was “barbeque”.  For most Southerns, barbeque is just a way of life that you assume is the same every place else […]

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America – The “Burger”ful

Americans have a passionate love affair with burgers.  They are fast, easy, and next to baseball and apple pie, it is about as American as it gets. Whether you like your burger made of beef or turkey, single or double, cheese […]

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Sushi – The Best of the West

I remember the first time someone asked me to eat sushi.  Being from Tennessee, the only fish I ever ran into was a McDonald Filet of Fish sandwich and fried catfish – so there was NO WAY I was eating […]

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Can I Have A Hot Dog, Please?

One of the first foods that most of us remember as a child is the hot dog.  Sitting in our high chair with the our cut up rounds of hot dogs, it was the ultimate finger food for a toddler. […]

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