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Trending….Clean Eating Yogurt Bowl

Having a curious nature, I’m always interested in what is new in the world of food and food trends. I am not one who really cares much about high-end restaurants, I’m more interested in what real people are eating, […]

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Farm Fresh From Amagansett – Smokey Collard Greens

Summer is here! Summer is our sweet reward for those long cold winter days we endure knowing the the fields will soon be planted in the Spring to bring a Summer filled with fresh produce to delight us. […]

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A Picnic for Breakfast

Growing up I did not like egg yolks…and I still don’t.  My father would indulge me and just make fried egg whites for breakfast.  I don’t mind eggs in prepared dishes, but don’t have that yolk sitting there by itself! […]

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Does It Taste Good to You??

I’ve always been curious why some people like certain foods and textures and others don’t.  Was it that their taste developed from what they ate growing up or was it due to something different? Yesterday I was reading the Washington […]

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An Apple A Day – Simple and Sweet

Sometimes the most obvious and simple things are over looked.  Take the apple.  As a piece of fruit, I think it is just beautiful to look at – the perfect shape, just the right size with a delicious sweet smell.  […]

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Eggs Help You Loose Weight??? Who Would Have Thunk?

My fitness and Pilates trainer, Lorin Shamos, recently posted this on his website www.livefitstrong.com.  I have never liked egg yolks for several reasons, but one being that I believed that the yolk was bad for your cholesterol and fat intake…guess […]

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