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Chillin’ In The Summer With Gazpacho

Out here on the East End of Long Island in July, the farm stands are in full swing with beautiful produce every day of the week. Just now the tomatoes are starting to come in and I began to […]

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It’s Greek To Me

I suppose this would tell you something about my personality, but sometimes I eat the same thing every day for weeks on end. A few months ago it was steamed mussels whenever I could find them. Before that […]

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In The Soup With Cherry Tomatoes!

As we head into late August here in the Hamptons, every farm stand you pass is loaded with BEAUTIFUL tomatoes of all description. It is hard not to stop at every stand and buy everything in site. However, […]

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A Taste Of Thai With A Crunchy Pal

In Los Angeles we have so many different kinds of ethnic cuisines, you get spoiled having almost anything you want readily available not too far from where you live.  It also serves as an inspiration to try different things in […]

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Salmon or Halibut with A Little Surprise

Every time we go out for dinner I always order fish.  I love fish, but I have never really been good at cooking fish at home.  It seemed my lack of fish cooking skills wasn’t a good enough reason to […]

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