About My Food Voice

Talk to anyone and ask them what is their favorite food, favorite restaurant or best thing they ever ate and watch their eyes light up eager to tell you every detail.  If you listen carefully you will hear their “food voice”.  Your food voice is one that you develop as you experiment with your own creations or through sampling or trying new and different cuisines in your local community or during your travels.

I have spent years, unknowingly, developing “my food voice”only to wake up one day to realize I had a food voice and now I want to share it.  I was raised in the South and now live in Los Angeles and the Hamptons on Long Island and have traveled across the U.S. and abroad.  My blogs will be about creating dishes that represent my food voice, inspirations that lead me to experiment to broaden the range of my food voice with the hopes that it will inspire others to find theirs.


8 Responses to About My Food Voice

  1. Deb Griffith says:

    Hey Louise – I am so glad to see you doing this. What fun for you. I will have to keep reading and enjoying!


    • Louise says:

      Thanks Deb for your endorsement! This has been a fun adventure and quite rewarding. Hope you, Alan and all girls are well!!

  2. Gloria Lim says:

    Louise, I love your blog! I think it is great that you are sharing your love of food and recipes and all the good stuff you come across as you travel and explore the world of food. I will keep checking for new recipes, food discoveries and adventures from you! Gloria

  3. Sean says:

    Louise, this is pretty cool stuff.
    I like what you’ve written and will have to check out LT Burger.
    Any word on BBQ?

  4. Kathy Hicker says:

    Hey, Louise, I am so glad to find your blog, and I will look forward to devouring
    every word!

  5. Masood (Soodie) says:

    Hi louise
    It was late into the night Mom and were reading your recipies, the chemistry of the combinations is so tempting and mouth watering in your blog, just by using some ingredients from you recipies that were in my pantry we made a sandwich.
    Feta cheese, fresh chopped parsley, mint, cilantro, basil, onions, cucumber, on toasted whole grain bread, with a thin beef patty (turmeric, salt, pepper, and some cumin). This was a break from all the Indian food we have been eating… Mom and I just could not stop laughing … I will get the rest of the ingredient to try the Greek salad, that the original plan before it became a sandwich.

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