Musings About A Cat’s Life and My Life

SONY DSCThe best thing about having your own blog is that you can write about whatever you want to. Today I do not want to write about food.

WinstonIt has been a while since I have posted … the holidays, family, celebrations…I was really busy and happy. However, yesterday Howie and I went for a quick lunch and as we left the little restaurant to walk to another store, we came upon a woman with a cat carrier at an outdoor table at the same restaurant who was crying. I stopped to ask about her cat and she said that she had just come from the vet and her cat of 19 years had been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and he was having a little treat of hamburger for his lunch. My heart dropped and I gave her a long hug and told her that it never is easy to lose someone you love, especially after 19 years. It was one of those moments that you never think will happen, but they do if you let them. I asked Howie if he was embarrassed that I hugged someone I didn’t know. He said he was touched that I reached out to a stranger and he hopes when our time comes with one of our three little kitties someone will understand like we do.

We love our three cats, Muriel, Winston and Wallis. WallisThey all have their personalities and individual connection with both of us. Life is short and our pets lives are shorter…enjoy each moment!


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3 Responses to Musings About A Cat’s Life and My Life

  1. Laurie Leigh says:

    To my dear Sister Louise , After reading your story here , I’m VERY teary eyed (as u probably would have guessed) I’m a huge animal lover also ! But I think it was SOO nice & sweet for u to have stopped & said something to that women & gave her a hug ! I too lost a cat when he was 19 yrs old & it was heartbreaking ! They are wonderful comfort to us ! I’m glad u where there 4 her & u & Howie r GREAT parents to the 3 kitties !

  2. Deb says:

    Dear Louise, To comfort someone who is losing their companion and a family member is a wonderful thing. No one feels alone when they know what they are feeling is shared. I’m glad you happened to be at that place at that time. All the best, Deb

  3. Shirley Atkins says:

    Many strangers need hugs. I am so proud of you for reaching out to this lady. Thanks for sharing this.

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