A Picnic for Breakfast

Growing up I did not like egg yolks…and I still don’t.  My father would indulge me and just make fried egg whites for breakfast.  I don’t mind eggs in prepared dishes, but don’t have that yolk sitting there by itself!  One thing that I made an exception for was deviled eggs!  Deviled eggs were a staple at every picnic, church social and 4th of July holiday and were always the first thing to be snapped up.


Breakfast can get a little boring and you don’t always get enough protein.  I started to keep an supply of hard boiled eggs in our refrigerator for us.  I don’t boil eggs often so I did a little research on how to boil the perfect hard boiled egg.  Believe it or not, there actually is a trick to getting the shells to slip right off and it all has to do with the cooking method.  First, place all the eggs you want to boil in a pot and cover with cold water.  Bring the water to a boil and then cover the pot and turn the heat off immediately.  Let the eggs sit in the hot water for 17 minutes.  Then drain the water and use a wooden spoon to tap the egg just to crack the shell slightly.  Then put the eggs in a bowl and cover with ice to chill the eggs in the refrigerator with the ice covering them and let the ice completely melt.  This is the part that helps the shells come off easier when you peal them.  The cooking time doesn’t vary with the number of eggs you boil.


Every time I had my egg white for breakfast I looked at the lonely egg yolk in the trash and thought what a waste it was when there is such good nutrition in the yolk (take a look at my blog “Eggs Help You Lose Weight???  Who Would Have Thunk?”. One morning I thought, I’m going to make myself a deviled egg for breakfast!  I just take a small ramkin as my bowl for the egg yolk and smash the yolk with a fork.  Then I add a small amount of low fat mayonnaise and a little pickle relish, a pinch of salt and pepper and combine it with the egg yolk to a creamy consistency and stuff the egg white halves and dust with a little paprika – instant deviled egg!  I takes just minutes to prepare and its like a summer picnic every morning with great nutrition to boot!


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