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Sushi – The Best of the West

I remember the first time someone asked me to eat sushi.  Being from Tennessee, the only fish I ever ran into was a McDonald Filet of Fish sandwich and fried catfish – so there was NO WAY I was eating […]

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Can I Have A Hot Dog, Please?

One of the first foods that most of us remember as a child is the hot dog.  Sitting in our high chair with the our cut up rounds of hot dogs, it was the ultimate finger food for a toddler. […]

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Does Your Entree Need A “Date”?

Sometimes you just want to prepare something that is simple and quick.  What that means to me, living in Southern California, is grilling outdoors.  I am very lucky that my local market has a variety of ready to grill items […]

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Spice It Up!

What makes each country’s food taste unique?  What gives it life?  All chefs and cooks think about how dishes taste and appear, but do they consider how the food makes people feel and have they been transported to really experience […]

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Tea Anyone?

A few months ago I was introduced to a delicious tea, Rooibos from South Africa.  What I found is that it had somewhat of a sweet flavor and, best of all, it does not have any caffeine.  I later learned […]

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A Taste of Morocco

Winter is a perfect time to experiment with “comfort” foods from around the world.  One that I think is particularly easy and exotic is Tagines from Morocco, a classic dish of the region.  A tagine is a glorified stew that […]

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Welcome to My Food Voice!

The U.S. is such a wonderful place to experience food.  We have so many diverse cultures that express themselves through their cuisine.  Through experiencing different foods and weaving them in to our own cooking at home, we find our own […]

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